The Vault-X DAO

The Vault-X API

Escrow as a Service (API) - Power your transactions with our decentralized escrow services
If you run a platform or a marketplace, add escrow payments to empower your users and safeguard their interests. Build a complete ecosystem of trust and add layers of transparency and protection to the milestone-based, conditional transactions.
We believe we can together disrupt and create a safe and secure Solana payment ecosystem. Why so?
  • Built for Web 3.0 business and transcriptions Any business can integrate with Vault-X API to heighten the safety and security of their platform. It’s as simple as using regular payment systems such as PayPal and Stripe.
  • Protecting both buyers and sellers Using our Escrow API, buyers get to inspect the goods or services before accepting them. Similarly, sellers are protected from counterparty risk through no chargeback provision.
Our Escrow API helps your Web 3.0 businesses with:
  • Increasing Trust
  • Increasing Liquidity
  • Increasing Fulfillment
  • Increasing Conversion and Compliance