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The Vault-X Board

The Vault-X Board: Connect with experts, execute diverse projects, and expand your team capabilities.
Problem: Traditional talent networks take massive cuts from gig workers' earnings.
Opportunity: Currently contributing over $1.4 trillion to the US economy and employing over 58 million and counting, freelancing is poised to become one of the major sources of employment opportunities in the US by 2027.
Freelancing is hotter than ever in the post-pandemic economy, but it has its downsides — one being the 20-40% cuts taken by talent sites such as Upwork and Toptal.
With the mission to build the Web 3.0’s most impactful talent network, Vault-X fills a gap in the market that benefits both sides of the marketplace.
We help both the Buyers & Sellers — sellers such as artists, creatives, writers, developers, designers, etc. can discover new clients and buyers can find the right talent and expertise to meet their specific requirements.
  • Work with curated freelance talent from all over the world
  • Manage the entire project within Vault-X Job Board
  • Pay securely without fear
How it works:
Buyers post their requirements and Sellers post their skillset on the Vault-X board by connecting their Wallet.
Potential Buyers and Sellers can view the skillsets and requirements respectively, and apply for the postings that meet their needs. This creates new job opportunities for potential job seekers and results in talent discovery for businesses.
Once the applications are shortlisted by the other party, the Vault-X dapp makes the rest of the process safe and secure for Buyers and Sellers.

For Buyers/Business/Enterprises

  • Publish project requirements
Fill out an easy form to describe the project you have in mind. Add as much detail about the project as you can to attract the most relevant freelancers
  • Kickstart your project
Once your project is published, you would receive proposals from potential freelancers. Review the proposals, shortlist your preferred freelancer and pay the deposit fees to begin the project. Post the satisfactory completion of your project, you can make the payment to the freelancer through our protected payment system.
  • Discover incredible talent for a host of different skillsets
Browse and filter through our comprehensive freelancer listings complete with ratings and reviews in every skill imaginable. Sometimes, all it takes is one talented professional to transform your business forever. You can refine your search by skill, location or hourly rate. Once you identify freelancers that you’d like to work with, you may request a proposal from them for any of your active projects.
  • Unlock new growth possibilities for your business
Browse through varied offers, compare them against your requirements and budget allocation for the project, and make informed choices. This is an excellent way for businesses to test the waters with different freelancers by evaluating their work and prices before assigning them long-term or expensive projects. You can choose to continue or discontinue working with a freelancer if their work turns out to be unsatisfactory.

For Freelancers

Vault-X Job Board connects Buyers (businesses) with Sellers (freelancers) who are experts in their domains and available to be hired by the contract or project.
  • How to become a certified freelancer on Vault-X?
To be a part of the exceptional Vault-X freelancer community, one has to fill out an online application form, which will be reviewed and approved by our team of moderators. This process allows us to ensure only the superior grade freelancers are onboarded to retain high quality of services and delivery operationalized on the platform. Upon acceptance of the application, freelancers get access to a plethora of diverse range of projects, enabling them to offer their services to a global pool of businesses.
  • Build an attractive profile to become noticeable
Buyers get to know freelancers, their skillset and experience through their profiles. That makes the profile the most valuable resource, which means freelancers have to thoughtfully create profiles that outline their subject matter expertise, career experience, skills and their professional journeys in a compelling way. Including examples of work portfolio, being descriptive and keeping the profile updated are some of the best practices to ensure inflow of projects.
  • Refine search for perfect alignment
Vault-X’s highly refined search filters ensures that freelancers find their perfect match with only a few keywords. This saves tones of time from browsing through our extensive lists of projects across several domains.
  • Create custom price packages
Every freelancer has unique set of abilities, which means there’s bound to be variation in the work of two freelancers. How could they charge the same for varying qualities of deliverable? We don’t define a freelancer’s worth based on any skill or category. Instead, we enable them to create tailored offer packages that suit them and help meet their financial goals.